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“I’m-ah Mario, An-I’m-ah Gonna Ween!”

by Dan Reitman Posted in Automotive


My apologies, as I could not resist the Mario Kart-fuelled excitement. Fans of Italian metal (and who isn’t, really?), rejoice! For you and for subcompact car shoppers who consider the Toyota Yaris blander than day-old sashimi, the Smart car useless, and the Mini Cooper too cavernous (ok, that one’s unlikely), the new Fiat 500, already a huge hit overseas, may be coming to North America.

Even with the return of cheaper gas, “small” appears to have remained the new “big” with car shoppers, even in SUV-addicted North America. That’s one reason why Fiat execs are considering this car for our shores, but also because Chrysler, with whom Fiat is now partnered, needs a major product overhaul, and this thing may soon be sold through Chrysler’s showrooms – let’s just pray they don’t decide to rebadge the 500 as a Chrysler Neon.

I haven’t had the chance to drive the 500, but it looks gorgeous inside and out, and if the various reviews out of Europe are to be believed, it’s an equally impressive drive. Having said that, I would personally pass on the Cinquecento, only because I’d need more cargo space than it – or a Mini, for that matter – would afford. Still, there are plenty of design junkies and metrosexuals out there who will be seduced by the 500’s classic lines (retro-sexuals, then?) and proportions.

As for me, I’ll wait for the Fiat-exported, Chrylser-rebranded Alfa Romeo Brera to arrive – if that ever happens. Mind you, if they did bring the Brera over, they could rebrand it as a Dodge Grand Caravan for all I care, and I’d still buy two of them. Now, if Fiat would only agree to “export” and “rebrand” Monica Bellucci as my mistress…

[Thanks to Autofiends for the tip]

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