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A first look at Panasonic’s new Full HD 3D experience!

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Cool, Home Theater, Movies, Olympics, Reviews, Sports

NorthGeek was lucky enough to have been invited to the media-only opening of the Panasonic Pavilion at LiveCity Yaletown in Vancouver today for a sneak peak at Panasonic’s new Full HD 3D technology. The awesome new technology is both for large-format theater and home theaters.

The best part of all was that we got to be among an elite group of reporters who enjoyed, first-hand, this new 3D entertainment experience. We started in a theater, similar to a movie theater, only a bit smaller – then we got to see it in “real-life” in a typical home theater set-up. Both were equally as impressive.

We had a chance to interview Panasonic North America Chief Technology Officer Eisuke Tsuyuzaki – here’s what he had to say about their exciting new 3D technology (the video will soon become available in HD if it hasn’t yet – YouTube needs to finish processing):

The first demo (which happened before the above interview) was on an extremely impressive, 103″ Plasma 3D television. I tried to take it home, they didn’t let. It was, as Borat would say, VERY NIIICE!!

Next up, we witnessed what our homes could look like as soon as April 2010 and for (apparently, still not clear) as little as $3,000 – equipped with a 3D-ready Panasonic TV, Blu-Ray player, 3D Blu-Ray media, and spiffy (battery-powered) 3D glasses.

The demos of 3D content included a bunch of winter Olympic sports, summer Olympic sports, clips from the movie Avatar, and a recently released music video featuring Soprano sensation Sarah Brightman. The sports (especially basketball, track, gymnastics, skiing, and cycling) were, in my opinion, the most impressive in 3D. The music video and movie just don’t look “real” enough for me to truly appreciate, whereas seeing a basketball net in the foreground and fans in the background looked really, really cool.

I should note, that what impressed me as much as anything else, was the lineup of (what I assume were) Viera Neo Plasma TVs, all color and temperature synched with each other, it was true perfection. I’d love to have that guy come to my home and calibrate my TV!

Leaving the venue, we had a chance to appreciate what LiveCity Yaletown actually looks like, without the zillions of international Olympic fans that are soon to cover each and every recently installed fake brick:

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  1. 3 Responses to “A first look at Panasonic’s new Full HD 3D experience!”

  2. By Noah Bloom on Feb 11, 2010

    Agreed, I was most impressed by what this is going to do to sports. HD took sports viewing to a new level, now 3D HD is another huge leap. But I think it’s most impressive for racing sports (cycling, skiing, etc), the kind that aren’t the best spectator sports and have suffered for that, so this might shake things up to get a new generation of fans for those under-appreciated sports. The shots of the velodrome are still in my head!

  3. By xalkin on Feb 11, 2010

    really $3000? that’s surprising to me. also do you think people are going to sit at home with funny glasses on? you look funny wearing them. i love your style though!

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