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Best tips to stay cool in summer

by Noah Bloom Posted in How To

It’s that time of year.

Stay Cool in Summer

And if you don’t have air conditioning (because you only have a few sweltering hot days a year where you live, or to save money), you could probably use a few tips to stay cool when it’s hot. You can stay cool without air conditioning! Here’s how:

Cool your body

  • Put on wet clothes or a washcloth/bandanna on your head
  • Take a cold bath or shower
  • Place ice on your pressure points: head, neck, wrists, back of knees, ankles
  • Breathe slower, relax, purse lips to breath in cool air and out through nose. Think Yogi.
  • Put your feet in cold water

Cool your house without AC

  • Go downstairs (heat rises)
  • Create a draft by opening multiple windows. If you have a fan, point it outwards to encourage that draft, not inwards to pull outside air in — it won’t work as well.
  • Keep air flowing with fans
  • Blow a fan over cold water, ice, or frozen water bottles (with a bowl to catch the dripping water)
  • Turn off electricity, lights, and kitchen appliances
  • Close off unused rooms
  • Darken rooms during sun exposure hours and especially towards the south and west with blinds (preferably white)

Eat and drink

  • Staying hydrated, whether you feel thirsty or not, will keep you cool. Ideally the water is not too cold as your body will have to expend energy to warm it up.
  • Eat spicy food: it will make you sweat and maybe keep your mind off the hot temperature. It’s no wonder cultures in hot climates eat hot food.

Dress properly

  • Wear less clothing, remove hats and shoes
  • Even better, wear nothing
  • Wear lighter colors as dark fabrics absorb more heat
  • Don’t exposure your skin to burning

Mind over matter

  • Think about cold things, read a book, look at pictures of winter and cold mountains, watch a movie set in the winter

Think Cold, Think Winter

And if that doesn’t work, and it’s the middle of the day, consider going to the mall, pool, movie theater, library, or hockey rink!

Lifehacker has some other hints from their readers. What are your tips?

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