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I love funny email!

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Funny, Web

My dad has a buddy who sends him about 17 emails a day.

Wait, before I continue – is pluralizing “email” with “emails” correct? Who knows? I’ll keep doing it, because this is my article.

Where was I… Oh, right, the 17 emails a day guy. So this guy sends my dad TONS of emails, and my dad reviews them and sends the worthy ones along to my siblings and I. Some of them are even good enough for me to send to my friends!

Here’s a collection of photos that have been sent to me in recent weeks. I think these are all worthy of a NorthGeek audience…

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  1. 2 Responses to “I love funny email!”

  2. By Dan R on May 5, 2009

    Asian babies are the best. When we were little, my mom used to take me and my sis out for Dim Sum every Sunday afternoon, and she wouldn’t even eat, she would just stare at all the adorable Asian babies. It was creepy for all parties involved – except for my mom, of course.

  3. By Jaques on Nov 30, 2010


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