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iPhone, Nexus One 3G Frequencies

by Noah Bloom Posted in Canada, Gadgets, Mobile

Also known as, why you can’t use the new Google phone in Canada… yet.

The chart shows the 3G frequencies (different from 2G) supported by each of these two devices, as well as the 3G frequencies of four mobile carriers.

T-Mobile USA: 1700MHz (AWS) AT&T USA: 850 (1900 originally?) Rogers Canada (850MHz) Wind Mobile Canada: 1700MHz (AWS)
iPhone: 850, 1900, 2100 MHz no you bet yup no ;(
Nexus One: 900, 1700, 2100 MHz yes, go buy one no, only EDGE access no, only EDGE yes…

Rogers/Fido does also use 1900MHz but it seems only for 2G, not 3G. Bell and Telus’ new HSPA network uses 850MHz (possibly also 1900MHz — this is unclear but irrelevant here).

Can people run the Nexus One on Wind Mobile in Canada? It seems so. So why can’t you buy the Google phone in Canada yet? Or you could always bear with EDGE speeds from The Three Stooges. And considering that option, I still think it’s a terrible shame you can’t buy this shiny new toy in Canada yet!

We also want to know why Google decided to go with that spectrum selection? Either T-Mobile had a say, Google is in no rush to ship millions of devices to the mass market, or… price? Qualcomm pushback? (Other Android devices do have a different choice of frequencies.) Please share your thoughts below!

More info at Wikipedia. However, this info is surprisingly mysterious. Ok, maybe no one really cares about it? Prove us wrong!

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