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Laptops outselling Desktops in 2008

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in PC

For the first time in history, it looks as though 2008 will be the year of laptop dominance over the desktop in Canada. According to Canwest:

The thinnovation is paying off as Canadians ditch their comparatively obese desktops for leaner notebooks, which IDC predicts will account for fully 60 per cent of all consumer computer shipments (home and student use) and 55 per cent of the total Canadian market (including corporate use) by the end of the year.

“From here on in, laptops will represent the majority,” said George Bulat, a director at IDC Canada.

“More and more people, especially with wireless networks, are expecting to be able to go to Starbucks and fire up their computer. They’re not rooted to a home base anymore.”

What does this mean for gamers and guys (or girls) who like to custom build their machines? I predict an upward swing in prices and a paradigm shift for parts manufacturers who will be focusing on the growing market segment.

Either way, laptops FTW!

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