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Miss NorthGeek 2010 – Win a new phone courtesy of NorthGeek and Sony Ericsson Canada!

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Canada, Contests, Cool, Gadgets, Twitter, Web

It’s true! You could win this brand new, PINK, Fido-branded Sony Ericsson T715 phone. Win it for yourself or that special someone in your life – a perfect gift for this coming Valentine’s Day!

Miss NorthGeek 2010 is awarded to the most tech-savvy, geekiest (in the coolest way possible), awesomest femenita in the NorthGeekosphere. To win it, you can either nominate yourself, or nominate the Geekette in your life. She will win the T715 phone, the glory, and the respect of kajillions of adoring fans.

All you have to do, is tweet your story (be sure to include #NorthGeek) or comment in this post, with your best tech-enabled (so that means it could be a text message, an email, or some social media form of communication) romantic story. Maybe you asked someone out on a date by SMS, or perhaps you wrote a song, recorded it, and posted it to YouTube? Whatever it is, let us know, and you could be our lucky winner! Remember, the story has to involve the person you’re nominating as Miss NorthGeek 2010!

We’ll be announcing the winner – selected by an esteemed panel of NorthGeek judges and industry experts – on Valentine’s Day – February 14th 2010, at 12:00pm PST.

Good luck, internet lovers!!

Some info on the handset:
– 3G high-speed experience
– Quad-band phone
– 3.2 megapixel camera with video recorder
– Integrated Facebook application
– MP3 player
– External memory expandable(MicroSD)
– Bluetooth® technology
– Handsfree speaker
– Picture and Video Messaging (MMS)
– Flight mode, calendar, to-do list, calculator, unit converter
– World clock, alarm and note pad

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  1. 16 Responses to “Miss NorthGeek 2010 – Win a new phone courtesy of NorthGeek and Sony Ericsson Canada!”

  2. By Derrick J on Feb 8, 2010

    I sms’d my girlfriend of 12 years to meet me at the restaurant where we went on our first date. The resto was closed down, had been for several months but we didn’t know and she was all upset, so I played our favorite song on my iPhone – double techno-whammy! My girlfriend Viv has an iPhone and is looking to get an Android phone, she’s the uber NorthGeekette! Cheers 😉

  3. By Jillian on Feb 9, 2010

    i’m the biggest coolest geek you know! I’m such a geet that i refuse to get a phone with a camera or mp3 player – i would rather prefer to bring my devices each separately! i am making my boyriend a youtube video for valentines. pick me pick me pick me!

  4. By Jessie on Feb 9, 2010

    My husband proposed to me on XM radio!! How’s that?!?!?!?

  5. By Sonny Wolfe on Feb 9, 2010

    I met my future wife on a Club Med vacation. Tech-enabling dfevice – pencil & paper

  6. By Brad Bollenbach on Feb 9, 2010

    I met my girlfriend in a pretty roundabout, and very NorthGeekish way.

    In mid-August, I moved to Vancouver. At this point, I was already a hardcore Twitter user, using it to interact with readers of my blog and others, but I noticed that, as much as I love Twitter peeps, I found it almost impossible to connect with them beyond their 140-character limits.

    So within 10 days of arriving on Olympic soil, I founded Plenty of Tweeps:

    a dating site for Twitter users. Within the first couple weeks, I convinced a buddy of mine to quit his job and join me on it. I was “not only the hair club president, but also a client”, something I went out of my way to make clear in my profile, so girls that I clicked “Like” on weren’t just thinking I was doing it to promote the site. 😉

    After a couple months of the site being in operation, and having exchanged some messages with people on there, I went on a date with @alicia_CHt and the sparks immediately flew.

    She’s an Australian living in Vancouver. We hit it off so well that, a couple weeks after we met, I flew to Australia to spend Christmas with her and her family.

    To say things have never been the same since would be an understatement. If anyone deserves to win a prize for being a key accomplice in a tech-enabled love story, it is her. 😉

  7. By Klegro316 on Feb 9, 2010

    One time at a wedding, I met this girl, and as I was entering her number into my phone (a RAZR at the time), I had to ask her for her name again – it was embarrassing, but now, she’s my fiance.

  8. By Noah Bloom on Feb 9, 2010

    @Brad, are you saying you met your girlfriend by building a dating website to do so? Well done!

  9. By Shelly Roche on Feb 9, 2010

    Enter @NorthGeek’s best “tech-enabled romantic” tale contest: Tho it’ll be hard to beat my entry:

  10. By Lydia on Feb 9, 2010

    Here goes nothing…
    So I wanted to make a romantic personalized Valentine’s day card for my boyfriend last year (you know, personalized, thoughtful, wonderful) so I decided to use a very special picture we had of the two of us for the cover…one that was always one of our favorites. Unfortunately, my boyfriend (who is very handsome) was caught at a bit of a bad angle for the picture, one that didn’t really compliment his upper body features. So what I did, and here comes the tech-savvy part, is photoshop his triangle boobs and back fat right out of the picture, making him look like the hunk of burnin’love he is. The card was a huge hit! As was the rest of the gift 😉
    Gotta love Valentine’s day!

  11. By Daniel Wolfe on Feb 9, 2010

    Hahaha, Lydia, that is a wonderful story! I feel for whoever that boyfriend is or was – because now the NorthGeekosphere knows all about it!

  12. By thehaze on Feb 10, 2010

    Bold 9700 has the strongest vibration of any berry to date. ’nuff said

  13. By Alex on Feb 10, 2010

    my (ex) girlfriend broke up with me by sending me a stupid pic of her making our with some german douchebag – she took the pic with her blackberry – i don’t have a girlfriend to give this phone too!

  14. By Pete Wilks on Feb 11, 2010

    this is funny. i was heading to toronto from kingston for canadian thanksgiving this past year, hooked up a ride on craigslist rideshare, and ended up actually enjoying a slow 4 hour slog into the city. because well this girl was hilarious. she drove me and kept me totally entertained teh whole way.

    i had class the next week, but, yeah, ended up stalling in toronto until she drove up the next weekend to ride back with her! i missed nearly a week of classes but now have a kickass gf!

  15. By Pemarkov on Feb 14, 2010

    I met my girlfriend on facebook. We had 1 friend in common and i just sent a message and the rest is history. For Valentines day today, i got her blue flowers — the colour of facebook, but i didn’t have to explain that to her, she’s the top geek around. Pete

  16. By Jocelyn Carboneau on Feb 14, 2010

    Um i don’t have a girlfriend, but I’m broke and wouldn’t mind a new phone even if it’s pink. Can I still enter to win?

  17. By Jacob O. on Feb 14, 2010

    This girl’s just my friend, but she has a macbook Pro, plays music wirelessly over her wifi network (she set it up herself), a slingbox so she can watch her shows anywhere, a kickass music setup at home, and is the fastest typer on her cell phone i’ve ever seen. Yes, she still has an old flip phone! i would love to tell her she won a new phone today!

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