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New BlackBerry data plans on Rogers!

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Mobile

I know this might be old(ish) news to some, but on June 20th Rogers announced some new and pretty exciting new BB data plans. I’m sure there are some pretty sweet data plans for non-BlackBerry devices, as well, but I am very excited about the BlackBerry ones… Especially because, as you may know, I am VERY much looking forward to my BlackBerry Bold. RIM has been kind enough to agree to send me one for testing on

Just kidding, RIM has no idea we exist.

That said, the new Rogers BB data plans inclusde a $30 package that includes a whopping 300MB – eat that, Phil – Mr. Data Plans in Canada Suck. There is also a plan for $60 that includes up to 1GB of data, or a “flex” option for between $50-$100 that includes between $500MB and 5GB. I don’t understand how that plan works, nor can I fathom how anyone can possible spend 5GB on their BLACKBERRY!! What, are they downloading torrents or something?

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  1. One Response to “New BlackBerry data plans on Rogers!”

  2. By Phil on Jun 23, 2008

    Unicell in Vermont has unlimited voice, txt and data for under $90. Just saying…

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