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Rogers strikes again

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Mobile

And Rogers takes another step backwards in reaching parity with other mobile telcos. Below are the price plans for the iPhone 3G when it hits Canada. Don’t forget the mandatory 3 year contract!

Price Voice Data Sent Text Messages Incoming Text Messages Visual Voicemail
$60 150 minutes + unlimited evening and weekend 400 MB (up to 200,000 text emails or 3,100 web pages or 1,360 photo attachments) 75 Unlimited Unlimited
$75 300 minutes + unlimited evening and weekend 750 MB (up to 380,000 text emails or 5,900 web pages or 2,560 photo Attachments) 100 Unlimited Unlimited
$100 600 minutes + unlimited evening and weekend 1 GB (up to 524,000 text emails or 8,000 web pages or 3,500 photo attachments) 200 Unlimited Unlimited
$115 800 minutes + unlimited evening and weekend 2 GB (up to 1,048,000 text emails or 16,000 web pages or 7,000 photo attachments) 300 Unlimited Unlimited

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  1. 3 Responses to “Rogers strikes again”

  2. By Noah on Jun 27, 2008

    Nice. Get the scoop here at NorthGeek! This is an impressive leap for the Canadian market, but it’s still way behind other 3G iPhones worldwide. In particular, check out the little things like: evenings start at 9pm (?), call display not included, etc. I am curious what kind of usage this iPhone will generate… in other words, will 400 MB be nearly enough? Still no pricing from Fido. Will it be identical or match Fido’s typical terms (like evenings 7pm-8am, extra minutes, unlimited incoming, more flexible contract lengths).

  3. By Noah on Jul 2, 2008

    And if you’re pissed about this pricing, you can sign this petition at, where already “25,960 people say NO to Rogers.”

  4. By Cara on Oct 29, 2008

    Well written article.

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