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Some cool announcements at Google IO – Android 2.2 and Google TV

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Cool, Gadgets, Home Theater, Mobile, Web

Here are two videos that Google put together to officially introduce a couple of their announcements to the world. The first is for Google TV, and the second is for their mobile operating systems’s latest iteration, Android 2.2 (Froyo). My thoughts follow the videos. Enjoy!

This, while very cool and exciting at first glance, isn’t exactly anything BRAND NEW. Maybe this will be the first web-connected TV initiative to be adopted buy the masses, as it’s being backed by some little company called Google – but it certainly isn’t the first and only device (or service) of its kind. Have a quick Google search session (ironic? What other search engine do you use) for Popcorn Hour, Western Digital HDTV, MythTV, TViX, Apple TV, and… dare I say, Playstation 3. Oh, and there’s Windows Media Center PC’s – I know, you’re all yelling at me. But, if you want a TRUE home theater experience, then you’re going to need to support the real players in the game – and they all support Microsoft’s MCPC OS.

This is very exciting – although I’d be much happier if 2.2 was released yesterday, as opposed to just announced. We all sort of knew all the specs Froyo was going to be boasting. 2-5 times faster overall performance, WiFi hotspot-in-a-box, etc – and some things we assume but they didn’t mention, like Flash support. What about my battery? Will it make my Nexus One battery last longer than 4 hours? Pretty please?

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  1. One Response to “Some cool announcements at Google IO – Android 2.2 and Google TV”

  2. By Noah Bloom on May 20, 2010

    Maybe all that Froyo hotness will melt your battery in just a few minutes

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