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Something (else) to do in Quebec when you’re bored

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Canada, Funny, How To

Have you ever sat around with a bunch of friends, not knowing what to do? Bored, and playing a game of Life or making s’mores just won’t cut it? Try this:

Whip out your Quebec Medicare card (RAMQ). Notice the first four letters on your card are made up of the first three letters of your last name, followed by the first letter of you first name.

Go around the circle (because these days, all friends sit on the floor in a circle, right?) with everyone coming up with a made-up name that would make an awesome Quebec Medicare card.

To get things started, I’ve provided some inspiration:

– Natasha Poorsly and her father, Peter Poorsly
– Tara Shire
– Tom Cunningsworth
– Paul Cranshaw
– Wilma Bloomberg
– Tanya Farnham
– Scott Asserman
– Kelly Wang (hehe, her last name is funny already)

And so on, and so forth. Please, send us your best names!

Enjoy the hours and hours of laughs.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Something (else) to do in Quebec when you’re bored”

  2. By Klegro316 on Feb 4, 2010

    I really have a busy day at work, this is all I can muster up before 9:00.

    Frank Barton
    Laura Anaston
    Barry Boozer
    Sandy Titlebaum
    Patricia Humberger
    Henry Tusnia
    Tom Snorky
    Ken Cocciano
    Kathy Fuchs
    Kevin Suchinsky
    Steve Piston
    Phil Burton
    Yvan Jobs
    Lenny Oranstein
    Elaine Dykstra

  3. By Josh Newpol on Feb 6, 2010

    Yvan Jobs is by far the funniest. Classic Kliger

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