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The greatest rock climber of all time?

by Noah Bloom Posted in Inspirational, Sports

Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali.

These are, without a doubt, some of the greatest athletes of all time. You’ve seen them, and you may even play the sport they’ve (for all intensive purposes) mastered, so you can appreciate their mastery.

Consider Chris Sharma. Still at only 28 years of age, he is a master. His sport: rock climbing. He has garnered so much respect by his peers, but even if you have never tried rock climbing, seeing what he is capable of is breathtaking. He dances up rock faces, beyond vertical and without any hint of something to hold, with fluidity and ease.

Here he is attempting the first ascent of a route in Squamish, BC, Canada’s own climbing mecca. One watch, and you will see why he’s considered among the best ever… even if you know nothing about the sport. He’s got the right approach and respect for what he does, without risking his life, while pushing the bounds of what a human can do:

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