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What is the Internet?

by Noah Bloom Posted in How To, Mac, PC, Web

I constantly wish there were more resources like these — very clear and simple illustrations of what is the Internet and how to use it — when doing my F.I.T. duties (family IT support), like “where’s my email?” and “do I type this address into Google?”

Google just produced this lovely HTML5 book, entitled “20 Things I Learned.” It weaves a simplified and elegant story about the Internet — things like cloud computing, browser extensions, privacy, cookies, IP addresses, DNS, etc. But most importantly, don’t use IE6 and know what a fake URL is! I recommend you either read it yourself or share it with your friends and family with whom connecting over the Internet is critical, and you wish they felt more comfortable and knowledgeable doing so. Sure it’s some cute cartoons wrapped up in some Google propaganda, but isn’t it mostly good propaganda here.

Here is the classic “What is a web browser” video from Google:

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