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When can I play with a BlackBerry Bold?

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Gadgets, Mobile

I know, I know, these blogs are supposed to be a source of “insider information” – well, we’re too new. So sue me.

I need to know when this beast of a BlackBerry is coming out! Some blogs are stating July 17th, but quite frankly, I can’t wait that long. I need it. NOW.

One other thing to note – it’s going to be slightly bigger than my current phone, the Curve (the boring, GPS-less and WiFi-less 8300). Not too excited about that, but the 3G and enhanced screen, storage capacity, processor speed, and sheer beauty of the device still makes me very eager to spend the $399 on a three year upgrade (yes, that’s just speculation)!

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  1. 2 Responses to “When can I play with a BlackBerry Bold?”

  2. By Jesus on Jun 19, 2008

    I don’t even think it’s coming out this summer. I heard that by the fall it should be out in Canada… Anyone know if this is true/false?

  3. By Phil on Jun 19, 2008

    To be honest, I don’t see the appeal of the device. It’s bigger than the curve AND even though it’s 3G, the new OS doesn’t support Flash. Oh wow! I’ll get my call display in a slightly higher resolution… thanks, but no thanks.

    RIM is just desperate to compete with the iPhone, and in my opinion, doing so by releasing a new product for the sake of releasing a new product. There is nothing revolutionary about the Bold. I’ll stick with my Curve.

    What we need is what the Japanese have had for more than a decade… broadband cellular speeds and cheap data plans. What’s the point of the iPhone coming to Canada, if it’s too expensive to use as a data device? You might as well get the Touch and pretend…

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