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Zoundry Raven: Cool, but is there a point?

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in PC

So I’m using Zoundy Raven to write this post. It’s cool and all, but do I really need to be using it?

I’m looking at this little window where I’m typing this post, and in the background, I see an open Firefox window, already logged in to my WordPress interface, just waiting for me to click on “Write New Post.” So what gives? Why install software to do exactly what I can do online?

Maybe it’s so that I can write posts while offline, on a plane, on the beach, or in the “Grand Nord” of Quebec? That could be it! I think I solved the mystery.

Until next time, friends. Zoundy Raven Blog Writer – it’s cool stuff, if you have a use for it!

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  1. 2 Responses to “Zoundry Raven: Cool, but is there a point?”

  2. By Phil on Jun 20, 2008

    If the point is to be able to work online, then I agree with your original argument which determined the uselessness of this product.

    If you want to work offline, just type up your post in Word (or notepad) and then copy/paste when you’re online.

    Epic fail!

  3. By uwiuw on Apr 6, 2009

    i think your opinion has some point. But honestly login and logout wp dashboard can be a bored task. Well, by using this software i can cut many delay and unnecessary time consumtion.

    ps : Sorri for my for english

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