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Is making money important anymore?

by Daniel Wolfe Posted in Sports
Nikes New Jordan Line of Championship (Loser) Shoes

Nike's New Jordan Line of Championship (Loser) Shoes

I came across this article (thanks to Ariel Helwani of that talks about Nike’s new line of Jordan-brand shoes that come in the colors of teams that Jordan demolished during his 6 NBA Championship runs with the Chicago Bulls.

Maybe you can help me figure this out… If I’m a Bulls or a Jordan fan (or both), why would I want to buy, let alone wear, shoes in Phoenix Suns team colors? Or, better yet, if I’m a Suns fan, why do I want to wear shoes that are inspired by the ass-whooping handed to my favorite team by Air Jordan and the legendary Bulls?

This just makes me think: does Nike care to make money, or are they just trying to get mega-blogs like NorthGeek writing about them? Who is going to buy these shoes?!

OK, fine. I’m from Montreal and don’t have a definitive favorite NBA team, so maybe I’ll buy a pair – if they’re comfy and less than $300.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Is making money important anymore?”

  2. By Dan R on May 5, 2009

    These shoes actually make sense. Wearing them is the same as the chief of a nomadic tribe of head-hunters wearing a necklace decorated with the skulls of vanquished enemies, except with the Air Jordans, you aren’t expected to practice cannibalism. You’re welcome.

  3. By Jordanius on May 5, 2009

    Touché – I like the comparison. I own a pair of Jordan’s from the 80’s and they still run well. I’ll buy a new pair when they come out in Vancouver Grizzlies colors.

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